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Lead Generation
Using Meerkat Telemarketing to do this tough, up-front work can make more cost-effective use of your often highly paid field sales executives by allowing them to focus on closing sales rather than chasing prospects.
Appointment Setting
..: Appointment setting service telemarketing ::.In an ideal world if appointments were easy to set everyone would be doing it! Setting appointments should be an easy part of telemarketing sadly it is not. Again a skill is needed to convince your business prospects to see you face to face no matter how brief the meeting. What is the point in investing time and money on a Telemarketing Campaign to grab 10 minutes time with your new potential customers?
Market Research
This involves gathering the personal opinions of decision makers and their usage of products and services relevant to your market. In addition, we can probe further to deliver more in-depth information about your potential client.
Customer Contact
There is always scope for more creative uses of telemarketing that have particular relevance to customers. For example: you've set up a new website - so call your customers to introduce them to it. Or if you change location or company name - as well as writing to your customers, call them - and perhaps take the opportunity to pass on new product information or a special offer.
List Cleaning
It's your data, but is it a valuable asset? Only if it's clean, up to date and accurate. Meerkat Telemarketing can ensure that your data doesn't embarrass you or let you down.
Follow Up Campaigns
Telephone follow up campaigns to direct mailings is proven to increase returns by reminding prospects of your products and services.
Event Maximisation
.:: Effective Telemarketing ::.If you're investing money in marketing events - perhaps a seminar to introduce your company to likely sales prospects in your target market, or presenting a new product or service to potential customers - telemarketing is an effective way to ensure the right people turn up in the right numbers. Meerkat Telemarketing offer this service as a follow up to a targeted mailing.

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