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Business to Business Telemarketing
Business to Business Telemarketing

Experience that counts !
:: Meerkat Telemarketing is a company with experience of working in a diverse range of B2B industries such as Legal and Finance, Food and Drink, Design, Marketing and Visual Communications and who can show an understanding of your target market, your products and your services. Meerkat Telemarketing has the right skills to ensure the credibility of your company is not undermined. No matter how well targeted the call is, nor how well thought out the script, a wooden and inflexible caller will not deliver the goods. At Meerkat Telemarketing we talk to people at all levels. Deep down everyone has a sense of humour, Meerkat Telemarketing can appeal to their better nature, we befriend rather than alienate, be it a Managing Director or Gatekeeper. We usually get them round to our way of thinking!.

.:: Focused Telemarketing ::.Methodology that delivers ! :: Meerkat Telemarketing focus on the job, get straight to the point and get the results. The Objectives of your campaign are communicated in a non confrontational manner, which allows for a far more relaxed discussion and the information needed is supplied willingly. This allows for the opportunity to develop that all important relationship. We dont believe in a hard sell.

Results through Effectiveness ! :: Most businesses lack the resources to conduct an outbound telemarketing project in a practical time scale. All too often telemarketing is carried out with stretched and sometimes inappropriate resources, such as using highly paid sales staff to gather leads, or a harassed secretary to cram in as many calls as possible in between other duties. Meerkat Telemarketing can relieve you of those problems by freeing up those skilled resources by allowing us to focus on your campaign. We will project manage the campaign and look after the whole lead process right up to the point you walk through the door.

.:: Qualified Telemarketing Lead Generation ::.The Meerkat Commitment ! :: We believe if your products or services are of interest you will gain appointments regardless of clever "overcoming objection" techniques. The greatest challenge of B2B telemarketing is to remain on the prospects radar screen until they are ready to purchase your product or service. Meerkat Telemarketing produce qualified targetted leads rather than risk sending you on a wild goose chase. We care very strongly about creating a lasting impression.

Take A Spin ! :: Trial Days are part of the Meerkat service. We can offer a pilot period whereby you don't commit yourself to a full telemarketing campaign. Once the trial has been carried out we can evaluate the campaign and refine - or shelve it - as necessary.

Telemarketing can form an integral part of a sales and marketing campaign, either as a tool for gathering the data that will be the foundation for your direct marketing approaches, as a follow up to other forms of direct marketing, or as an up-front weapon for identifying your best sales prospects. Meerkat's business to business outbound telemarketing services can help to:

.:: Telemarketing that's personal ::.
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